Celeste Haworth - Ensemble, Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Germany

Louise is wonderful to work with - very supportive as a teacher, clear in her instruction and injected her lessons with humor, energy and positive but insightful critiques.
With Louise my body work and breath improved, as we explored ideas of body and breath connection.
Whilst on my auditions, a few supportive skype sessions were also great to utilize.

I am certain that this helped me be successful in several auditions, with various postings being offered. I selected to undertake my Masters of Opera in Vienna at Konservatoirum Wien, Privaat Universtität and that in turn began my European career.

Thank you Louise for your support and guidance!


— Salomé Myrna, Lausanne - Switzerland

When I finished my master I had some troubles on my cords because of different reasons and my voice was all the time in a bad shape and I didn’t understand why, so that things went worse and worse. At the End I was really uncertain about my future as a singer. But a friend of mine made me meet Louise and we began to work together. At the same time, I change some of my habits and take care about things like humidity in the air, alimentation and other things. As result my troubles went away but I didn’t trust my voice and neither myself as a singer. So with Louise help I get to conquer my voice again. We began an amazing work of reconstruction and trust. We worked very deeply on all technical basic for the singing like Posture, breath, embouchure, sometimes little tiny movements make a huge difference how your voice stay connected to your body or vibrates or will project sound. The impressive thing by Louise is that she clearly finds were the problem is, when or where your breath is stuck or all little details you even didn’t thought about. She has a really sharpness. She is almost like a scanner and can tell you, or make you find out, what is actually happening in your body during your singing and then, give you keys to change it or release or whatever you do to bring it on a healthy level. In less than one year I had all my abilities back and even more than before.

Louise isn’t only a voice technical teacher, she also learns you to express, to interpret your aria with your own uniqueness and that’s why your aria or your role will make a difference in front a jury or an agency. Because it belongs to you, you made it you own.